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Los Angeles Film School (LAFS)

At the Los Angeles Film School, you learn filmmaking by making films. It’s a novel approach, we know, but it works for us. During your first week, you’ll have a camera in your hot little hands, and by the time you graduate, you’ll have made more films in one year than most film students make in four.

As the old saying goes, location is everything, and that’s not just when it comes to real estate. Our campus is located in the heart of Hollywood, on the historic corner of Sunset and Vine – just steps away from the Hollywood walk of Fame, The Kodak Theater (home of the Academy Awards), and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Our faculty of Hollywood professionals – with credits on films like The Matrix, Spider-Man, Fight Club, Chasing Amy, and Blade Runner – step off the set and into the classroom, giving you the benefit of their years of experience. They’ll unload their brains on the art of cinematography, directing, editing, producing, production design, screenwriting, sound design, and anything else they might think is important.

Location and experience are important, but where it really all comes together is in our curriculum. At The Los Angeles Film School, we marry the latest in film production and postproduction technology with a state-of-the-art film curriculum that is, truly, like no other. If you’re looking to begin a career in film production, welcome to The Los Angeles Film School.

One of the advantages to being located in the heart of Hollywood is having a faculty unparalleled in the world. Our faculty is staffed by working professional filmmakers who craft many of the most striking and original films of today - their credits range from Chasing Amy, Magnolia, and The Blair Witch Project to Fight Club, Jerry Maguire, and Minority Report. For us, Hollywood is the classroom; we are committed to crafting an active, rich and exciting atmosphere where teachers are moving back and forth from their movie sets to our classrooms. This is a faculty who knows how to succeed in this competitive field, understands how the film industry works, and cares passionately about how movies are made today.

School name:Los Angeles Film School (LAFS)
Address:6363 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 500
Zip & city:CA 90028 California
Phone:(323) 860-0789

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Los Angeles Film School (LAFS) Film School Location

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