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Grossmont College (Media Communications Grossmont College)

The founders of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District believed that a community college should provide experiences which will greatly broaden the students' educational opportunities and strengthen the society's democratic institutions. The representatives of the community directed the college to provide an education through which students may create rewarding lives, productive for themselves and for society, based on an understanding of the relationship between the past and the challenge of the present and the future.

The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District accepts, and is committed to the following premises:

The democratic way of life allows each individual the personal freedom and initiative consistent with his/her responsibilities to other persons.

The college recognizes the worth of the individual, and the fact that individual needs, interests and capacities vary greatly.

The maximum development of the personal, social and intellectual qualities of each individual must be encouraged.

The maximum development and fulfillment of the individual, and the development of the community are increasingly interdependent.

All segments of the college community are encouraged to contribute and participate in the operation of the college. An educational environment, dedicated to these philosophic premises, will produce individuals prepared for life and citizenship in a complex, viable society.

The MCOM Curriculum serves two purposes:

1. To bring to the student an awareness of the impact of communications technology and programming in our daily lives and on society as a whole.

2. All courses offered are designed to give students a working knowledge of the concepts, values, theoretical understanding, operational skills, rapidly developing technology, and experience necessary to succeed as competent professional communicators in the fields represented by the curriculum.

The MCOM Department enjoys a statewide and national reputation for excellence and has won several statewide and national awards.

Career opportunities include: Newscaster/Anchor/Reporter; Audiovideo Specialist; Camera Operator; Cinematographer; Technician; Media Specialist; Journalist; Lighting Director; News Director; Production Assistant; Videographer; Director; Producer; Technical Director; DJ; On Air Personalities; Program Director; Music Director; Promotional Areas, and Media Management.

School name:Grossmont CollegeMedia Communications Grossmont College
Address:8800 Grossmont College Drive
Zip & city:CA 92020 California
Phone:(619) 644-7000

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