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Concordia University (Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema)

The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University, is the largest, university-based centre for the study of film animation, film production and film studies in Canada. Each year it accepts some 200 students from across Canada and many other countries into its undergraduate and graduate programmes. They are taught by internationally-known film artists and scholars, all of whom are exceptionally active in their specialties.

The Cinema School offers three areas of study: FILM ANIMATION, FILM PRODUCTION and FILM STUDIES. The School's programmes are distinguished from many others in cinema by the fact that we are a part of the Faculty of Fine Arts and each programme approaches the subject matter primarily as a means of artistic expression. Consequently, a central aim of these programmes is to prepare students to become filmmakers, film animators or film historians/critics/theorists who have a two fold awareness: on the one hand, of the artistic and cultural potential of their medium and, on the other, of its history and traditions. A B.F.A. in Art History and Film Studies is also offered jointly with the Art History Department

Although the programmes are oriented towards art and culture, the financial and commercial aspects of filmmaking are also addressed. Film Animation and Film Production are “hands-on” programmes involving intensive aesthetic as well as technical education. The School attempts to strike a balance between practical aspects and purely creative ones, just as it recognizes that art can reflect both social and aesthetic concerns.

The School’s programmes are focused on the moving image as a form of artistic expression that has been of extraordinary importance since the late nineteenth century, and we are proud of our graduates who, through the making of award-winning, independent films or though innovative teaching and research, contribute to the on-going development and understanding of cinema as a vital component of the visual arts. Central to the School’s efforts is the determination to explore all possibilities of the medium of film, while also addressing newer technologies and paradigms pertaining to moving images. Every student takes film studies courses in which they see work from around the world in original format; all film production students shoot in 16mm or Super 16mm film, and can elect to work in other media, while learning both analog and digital post-production strategies; film animation students create frame-by-frame art in a remarkable variety of ways, capturing their visions on everything from Oxberry cameras to 3D software. Whatever means is used for expression, however, the emphasis is placed decisively on helping student enhance their individual talents and ideas.

School name:Concordia UniversityMel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
Address:1455, boul de Maisonneuve ouest, FB 319
Zip & city:H3G 1M8 Quebec
Phone:(514) 848 - 2424 ext 4666

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Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema Film School Location

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