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Stanford University (MFA in Documentary Film & Video)

Located between San Francisco and San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford University is recognized as one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions. The Introduction to Stanford website provides a guided tour of undergraduate academic opportunities, research, student life, and popular campus sights.

Situated in the Department of Art and Art History as part of Stanford’s program in Film and Media Studies, the Master of Fine Arts program in documentary production provides a historical, theoretical, and critical framework within which students master the conceptual and practical skills for producing nonfiction film and video.

The M.F.A. degree is designed to prepare students for professional careers in film, video, and digital media. Graduates are qualified to teach at the university level. The philosophy of the program is predicated on a paradigm of independent media that values artistic expression, aesthetics, social awareness, and an articulated perspective. Students become conversant with the documentary tradition as well as with alternative media and new directions in documentary. In addition to the training in documentary production, students graduate from the program with substantive research skills in film criticism and film analysis. The non-production courses provide an intellectual and theoretical framework within which creative work is realized. The dual emphasis on production and theory classes fully prepares the student to undertake an academic position that typically requires the teaching of both film studies and media production.

A minimum of 71 units is required for the M.F.A. degree. In the production core, students will be required to conceptualize and visualize their ideas in a series of writing/producing courses that focus on documentary story structure. These courses will be taken in tandem with project-based production courses that provide training in the technical and conceptual aspects of cinematography, sound recording, and editing. An ongoing discussion of form and content will be a signature component of the writing and production courses. The production core will be complemented by a series of core film studies courses plus elective courses in the history, aesthetics, ideology and theory of all genres of moving image media.

School name:Stanford UniversityMFA in Documentary Film & Video
Address:Nathan Cummings Art Building
Zip & city:CA 94305 California
Phone:(650) 723-2300

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