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Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM Film Studies)

The mission of Minnesota State University Moorhead is to foster excellence in teaching and learning. The University strives to provide an educational environment that supports intellectual development, that welcomes diversity, and that develops the skills and talents of women and men so that they have the capacity to live usefully, act responsibly, and be learners all their lives. The academic programs at the University are founded upon a common liberal studies experience and emphasize developing the unique talents of each person. The University provides baccalaureate-level programs in the liberal arts, natural and social sciences, teacher education, business and technology, the fine arts, and professional areas. It provides selected graduate programs in response to regional needs.

The new Film Studies major offers students the ability to focus their film study through two emphases, Film Production, and Film History and Criticism. Courses in video production, filmmaking, film directing, screen writing as well as American and International film history, film appreciation, director and genre study offer a wide and varied knowledge base for the Film Studies major. Evening courses provide flexibility to students who wish to major in film while juggling other commitments.

Students apply the course content as they become involved in all aspects of the film and video industry. During their time in the film program, our students become actively involved in community film projects such as on campus film festival programming, the local Fargo Film Festival and supporting community production projects. The MSUM film students attend national conventions, have films recognized for their excellence in local and regional festivals and have aided in the preservation of local film history through work with the Clay and Becker County Historical Societies.

After graduation, film majors with an emphasis in production become producers, directors, cinematographers, sound and visual editors. Film History and Criticism students can pursue work as media critics, historians, and community film programmers.Many of our students look at graduate programs as a way to continue their film education.

School name:Minnesota State University MoorheadMSUM Film Studies
Address:116 Roland Dille Center for the Arts
Zip & city:MN 56563 Minnesota
Phone:(218) 477-4622

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