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University of Advancing Technology (Multimedia / Digital Video Production)

The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is a unique, technology-infused private college that was founded by a techno-geek for techno-geeks. Our Mission is to educate students in the fields of advancing technology to become innovators of the future. UAT's campus culture is devoted to continually nurturing a thriving geek community where everyone's personal lives and professional aspirations revolve around technology.

UAT offers students a well-rounded education in a non-traditional setting. Students who are seeking a strictly career-oriented, technical college experience will not find it here. Because of UAT's dedication to both scholastic excellence and technological innovation, it stands apart in academia as an ideal destination for the geeks of the world who feel disenfranchised by conventional institutions of higher learning. For the student who is looking at the future of technology and wishes to become a vital part of it, UAT beckons.

Multimedia is comprised of creativity, art and technology. At the core of this program is the understanding that Multimedia reaches into everyone's lives, virtually all of the time, because Multimedia encompasses the primary senses of sight, sound and touch. Multimedia is communication. It is the artful and striking presentation of information, and it is the search for impact and appropriateness in how design leads to substance. Students within this program, regardless of major, will gain an appreciation for this concept and will understand its application within their discipline.

Courses within majors are noted for students within each major description. Taking all recommended credits within a major may result in minimum credit hours required in the degree program exceeding 120 in the Bachelor's program and 60 in the Associate's programs. Seeking guidance from an Academic Advisor is encouraged to promote each student's highest success.

Majors available for students in the College of Multimedia are:

* Digital Animation
* Digital Art and Design
* Digital Video
* Game Art and Animation
* Game Design

School name:University of Advancing TechnologyMultimedia / Digital Video Production
Address:2625 West Baseline Road
Zip & city:AZ 85283-1042 Arizona
Phone:(602) 383-8228

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Multimedia / Digital Video Production Film School Location

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