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University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (Peck School of the Arts, Department of Film)

Welcome to the Film Department! Located in UWM's Peck School of the Arts, we offer two integrated tracks of study leading to a BFA in Film, with emphasis on either Production or Conceptual Studies in Media Arts Production. Both tracks are designed to train media artists and accommodate differing approaches to and styles of student learning. We also offer an MFA in Film.

Our BFA and MFA programs focus on the education of the independent media artist. Unlike other departments where students are separated into professional specialties -- cinematographers, editors, directors -- at UWM we endeavor to develop the media artist as a self-sufficient producer. We want to educate people who can express themselves with eloquence and authenticity, people who can function effectively in every aspect of the film/video continuum.

Conceptual Studies, established in 2004, resides in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Department of Film. The curriculum promotes visual thinking, media literacy, and an historically informed approach to theory/practice. Student work incorporates a range of tools from pencils to podcasting; for example, students experiment with film, video, photography, and web-based technologies, such as blogging, interactive database film, and e-publishing. When inserted in a larger history of ideas and images, these activities inspire new modes of thought and expression. In this way, the program creates a space for students to develop an intellectual and artistic spin on their place in remix culture.

Together, our programs attract talented individuals locally and from around the world, resulting in a learning and producing environment rich in inspiration and a variety of experience.

Our noncommercial, arts-centered curriculum provides our students with an extremely thorough and flexible training in a wide range of media production skills that are also applicable to the practical world of post-graduation employment. Our graduates are highly regarded in the industry, as well as the art world.

The Film Department consists of classrooms, a shooting studio, assorted post-production facilities for film and video, a sound studio, and 100 and 300 seat theaters. There is studio space for graduate students and faculty located nearby. The Film Department also provides in-house black & white reversal film processing, as well as twenty-four hour access to editing facilities.

School name:University of Wisconsin - MilwaukeePeck School of the Arts, Department of Film
Address:3203 N. Downer Ave.
Zip & city:WI 53211 Wisconsin
Phone:(414) 229-6015

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