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Universität Kassel (School of Art and Design)

The School of Art and Design Kassel, which was founded as early as 1777, looks back on a long and productive academic tradition. Throughout the course of its 230 year history, the School has continually responded to the changing times by updating its teaching practices and the subject material on offer. More recent additions to the curriculum include, for example, courses in Virtual Realities and System Design.

Through its innovative approach to education, the School has also had a significant influence on the curricula of other art academies in Germany. In addition, several distinguished artists, such as Johann Tischbein the Elder and Arnold Bode, the founder of the documenta, have been employed as teachers at the School. A number of more recent alumni now rank among the internationally-renowned elite of the art world. Former Kassel student Hans Haacke, for example, recently caused a sensation in the German parliament with his project ‚’’To the German People’’.

Nowadays, the School of Art and Design Kassel is one of the few art academies offering both scholarly and artistic courses: Fine Art, Visual Communication and Product Design can be studied alongside Art Education and History of Art. In this way, the School actively promotes the parallel development of artistic free-thinking and academic reasoning, thereby allowing students to become acquainted with art and culture from a number of different perspectives. This interdisciplinary approach has been practised at the School for over 30 years now and is constantly being updated and improved as time goes on.

School name:Universität KasselSchool of Art and Design
Address:Menzelstraße 13-15
Zip & city:34121 Hessen
Phone:+49 (056) 180 454 41

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