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California Institute of the Arts (School of Film/Video)

CalArts is the first U.S. higher educational institution to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in both visual and performing arts. It was established in 1961 by Walt and Roy Disney through the merger of two professional schools, the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music, founded in 1883, and the Chouinard Art Institute, founded in 1921. CalArts moved to its permanent home in Valencia in 1971 and added degree programs in dance, film and theater to those in art and music. A graduate writing program was subsequently created in 1994.

The School of Film/Video is one of the nation�s premiere colleges for studying the art of the moving image. It is singularly devoted to filmmaking as a personal, independent art form. The School is especially unique in that it promotes the studies of all major types of filmmaking: dramatic narrative, documentary, experimental live-action, character-based animation, experimental animation, multimedia, and installation. We offer four challenging programs, each one with its own specialized curriculum focusing on specific areas in filmmaking. At the same time, all four share an ethos for combining rigorous practical training with theoretical inquiry, hands-on production with aesthetic reflection.

The Program in Film & Video provides artists with a dynamic laboratory for producing new forms of narrative, documentary and experimental work in both film and video. Our internationally renowned Programs in Experimental Animation and Character Animation give students an excellent foundation in both technique and creative thinking and prepare them to produce work at the very forefront of animated filmmaking. The Film Directing Program focuses on the fundamentals of dramatic storytelling and theater practice but also calls for innovative approaches to staging drama for the screen. In each program, we emphasize artistic and intellectual boldness and encourage all students to push the boundaries of their chosen media. As a result, graduates of the School of Film/Video have distinguished themselves in every area of independent and commercial filmmaking. Their work has been represented extensively at major festivals and museums around the world as much as it has been in the film, television and animation industries.

The richness of the educational experience at the School of Film/Video is based on four elements. The first is a body of self-motivated, intellectually curious students who are ready to break new ground. The second is an outstanding faculty of professional artists and technicians who share their knowledge and experience with passion and generosity. Third is an extensive and constantly upgraded inventory of facilities and equipment. Fourth, and certainly not least, is the unique cross-pollination of the different art forms and disciplines at CalArts. This generates a lively and highly stimulating creative environment�one that allows every student to expand the scope of his or her cultural experience and, in the process, become a better artist.

School name:California Institute of the ArtsSchool of Film/Video
Address:24700 McBean Parkway
Zip & city:CA 91355-2397 California
Phone:(661) 255-1050

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