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Southern Illinois University - Carbondale (SIUC College of Mass Communication & Media Arts)

The SIUC College of Mass Communication & Media Arts offers several undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of Mass Communication and Media Arts.

• The Department of Cinema & Photography and The Department of Radio-Television offer the Bachelor of Arts degree. The School of Journalism awards the Bachelor of Science degree.

• The MCMA Graduate Studies Program offers four degree programs (MA, MS, MFA, and a PHD Program).

The Department of Cinema and Photography offers undergraduate and graduate courses in the history, theory, criticism, and production of cinema, photography, and digital arts. Our educational orientation is a holistic, arts and humanities based understanding of media as social and cultural practice. We are committed to graduating critical, original, and socially responsible artists and scholars who, as global citizens, can imagine and produce alternatives in media theory and practice. We are dedicated to fostering a creative and intellectual climate of active engagement and support for faculty and students.

The Department of Radio-Television prepares students for positions in broadcasting and telecommunications by combining practical and theoretical courses in broadcasting with a broad liberal arts background.
Degrees offered by the Department of Radio-Television include specializations in Broadcast News, Electronic Media Marketing & Management, Radio/Audio Production, and Television/Video Production.
What good are theories and concepts if you have no opportunity to apply them? From the start of the program in 1957, the Department of Radio-Television at SIUC has made a commitment to providing professional-quality hands-on opportunities to students. Hands-on opportunities like the Nashville Music Business Program, Hollywood Studies, Chicagoland Studies, and British Studies. As well as student Productions like the River Region Evening Edition, and Alt.News.

School name:Southern Illinois University - CarbondaleSIUC College of Mass Communication & Media Arts
Address:Communications Room 1101, Mailcode 6610, 1100 Lincoln Drive
Zip & city:IL 62901 Illinois
Phone:(618) 453-2365

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