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Bradley University (Slane College of Communications & Fine Arts)

The Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts offers exciting focused and interdisciplinary programs in Art, Communication, Music, Multimedia, and Theatre Arts. All undergraduate students in the College have the option of enhancing their majors with international perspective and experience through the Global Scholars International Option, a strategic choice in the competitive arena of the world marketplace. (Advertising, Public Relations, Radio and Television Broadcasting and Production, Journalism, Global Communication, Photography, and Speech Communication), (Applied Instrumental and Vocal Music, Music Composition, Conducting, Theory, Music History, Music Technology, and Music Education).

The students and faculty of the Slane College are distinguished by three important focal points inspired by Albert Einstein who said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” which is a way of saying that acquiring knowledge in the information age is not enough. It is rather the special ability to use that knowledge in new ways, from new perspectives that makes leaders and innovators:

Imagination - Making mental images of how reality might be
Creativity - The human power to manifest or bring into being those images
Communication - Communicating those images to others

The College supports its outstanding students with $160,000 of annual Talent Scholarships and its faculty with Professional Development grants to pursue their research, creative production, and innovative teaching.

Multimedia is the use of multiple media to make CD-ROMs, DVDs and Internet sites. Multimedia combines text, audio, video, illustration, photography & animation with concepts and creativity to convert your ideas into virtual reality. Multimedia is non-linear--our work escapes the limits of time order and spatial constraints and lets us create digital projects that have cutting edge flexibility and design. Our focus is on creativity and conceptual problem-solving--creating within a framework of new media theory. Multimedia students plan projects and do research. They work in the production environment and with the aesthetic conventions of each media type.

School name:Bradley UniversitySlane College of Communications & Fine Arts
Address:1501 W. Bradley Avenue
Zip & city:IL 61625 Illinois
Phone:(309) 677-3707

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