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The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (Video Production)

The Art Institute is home to creative minds from all walks of life, from the non-traditional student looking to try a new professional direction to the recent high school graduate who just dresses non-traditional. Here, personal expression is nurtured and encouraged. After all, how can you create what's really inside you if you can't express yourself on the outside, too? So, for every spiked collar and eyebrow ring you pass in the hall, there's also a former English major, a professional illustrator or a mom, all coming to class to expand their horizons. Just like you.

In fact, The Art Institute is home to students from many states and many nations. Students from small rural towns, big cities and distant countries all come together to share their thoughts and ideas and to begin their path toward a creative career.

The 21-month Video Production program at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh provides training for individuals who want to enter and grow in this fast-paced creative industry. Whether it’s information or entertainment, the wide appeal of the electronic media has created an increasing need for people skilled in the video production arts. Employment opportunities exist in the broadcasting and cable industries as well as the entertainment and corporate fields.

By working with faculty, many of whom are experienced professionals, students develop the skills necessary to use the video camera and editing equipment as technical and imaginative tools for today’s electronic storytelling. Studies in pre-production, lighting, and computer applications for special effects and character generation augment the skills foundation. Students progress to advanced skills in multi-camera production, post-production techniques, nonlinear editing, and the creation of a video from initial idea to final, edited composition.

By gaining competencies in camera operations, lighting, editing, electronic newsgathering, studio and location productions, and scripting, students learn to solve problems and to contribute as a member of an artistic team.

By graduation, Video Production students have developed technical capabilities and the business marketing and promotional skills necessary to seek entry-level positions in the pre-production, lighting, directing, technical, broadcast, production, post-production, and business arenas.

A compendium of the student’s best work is assembled in a portfolio and illustrates to prospective employers the student’s capabilities as camera operator, director, editor, and production team member.

School name:The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (Video Production)
Address:420 Blvd of the Allies
Zip & city:PA 15219 Pennsylvania
Phone:(800) 275-2470

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The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (Video Production) Film School Location

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