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While some great stories may well go on to become Hollywood blockbusters, our focus is on the craft of storytelling. A story well told will find its place.

TheFilmSchool attracts students from all over the world with its exceptional experience, Seattle’s thriving creative culture, and booming indie film community. We are elevating the art of storytelling by training a new generation of screenwriters and filmmakers, and many of our graduates have gone on to success—starting film companies, making movies, winning awards and signing top industry agents.

Our intensive courses cultivate individual voices and original stories while teaching excellence in dramatic writing. There is no other school like it in the world.

We are our stories. At TheFilmSchool, we believe film can and should be a beacon for human values. We serve this belief by sharing with our students our hard-earned expertise and passion. We work closely with our students to teach students the elements and structure of film, as well as a disciplined writing process. We are committed to making writing less isolated and more productive by creating lasting community among its students and instructors.

TheFilmSchool will give you the craft that will bring your stories alive and inspire you to express your voice in your work. It will change you.

By bringing artists together, TheFilmSchool builds a much-needed sense of community among its students and faculty. Throughout our programs, students and instructors share an experience that results in lasting relationships and ongoing collaboration. Students go on to form writing workshops with their classmates and develop mentorships with faculty.

School name:The Film School
Address:2828 Boyer Avenue East
Zip & city:WA 98102 Washington
Phone:(866) 709-2555

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