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The KODAK Cinematography Workshop

he KODAK Cinematography Workshop, a globally-acclaimed event, is a total immersion course which enables emerging filmmakers to round out their education in cinematography.

This five-day, 35mm workshop will allow you to experiment with unique camera devices, new lighting units, alternative film processes, and different film stocks. It combines location shooting with classroom discussion and a final telecine transfer session. This workshop is designed for the experienced film shooter who has mastered the basics.

Both the creative and technical elements of cinematography are covered in-depth, and each participant receives individual attention. The Cinematography Workshop is appropriate for individuals who have industry experience, but are not 100% confident shooting film. If you have gaps in your education or want to get more hands-on experience with 35mm film cameras, the workshop will provide a powerful learning environment.

Limited to 12 participants, the KODAK Cinematography Workshop spans 5 days and covers a great variety of topics and techniques. Classroom technical talks complement the extensive shooting schedule. On the final day, participants review their footage in a state-of-the-art telecine suite, experiencing the vast potential for color correction and image manipulation using modern digital tools.

The cost of the workshop is $2,250, which covers film, processing, crew, talent, locations, lunches, craft service, telecine transfer, and a final copy of the music video. At the conclusion of the workshop, you'll receive a certificate of completion, and a voucher for $1000 of motion picture film.

School name:The KODAK Cinematography Workshop
Zip & city: California
Phone:(585) 781-7750

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