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The Norwegian Film School

Lillehammer University College (LUC) has appr. 3000 students and 250 faculty and staff. The reorganisation of Norwegian higher education in 1994 transformed the original regional Oppland College (1971) into a selfgoverning institution on a par with the universities. In 1995 the college's staff and educational facilites were brought together on one campus in the former radio and television centre built for the 1994 Winter Olympics. The university college now faces new challenges due to changes in legislation governing Norwegian universities and colleges as well as in the degree structure following the Bologna Process.

Efforts are being made for closer academic and administrative cooperation between the three university colleges around Lake Mjøsa (Lillehammer, Gjøvik and Hedmark), the goal being both to strengthen the university colleges academically and to contribute to the development of the region.

The Bachelor in Film and Television Science focuses on visual expressions in film and television. In addition, the students may study visual art, the Internet and other visual expressions in optional courses.

The education qualifies the students for work within areas where knowledge and understanding of visual culture is a central competence, e.g. media pedagogy, culture journalism and administration and practical media activity.

The first academic year consists of basic courses that are compulsory, while the second academic year consists of optional specialisation and breadth courses.

School name:The Norwegian Film School
Address:20©07 Høgskolen i Lillehammer
Zip & city:2626 Oppland
Phone:+47 61 28 80 00

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