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Pierce College (Theatre/Digital Film Department)

Digital media and digital video in particular offer Pierce College Theatre students a unique opportunity for enriched artistic theatrical expression and job placement. From script writing to artistic direction, from acting to technical production, Pierce students prepare for tomorrow’s jobs. As the transmission of digital information in the form of moving images becomes commonplace, “the world is truly becoming a stage”. At Pierce College Theatre we are preparing our students by teaching traditional theatre skills and integrating these skills with digital video media as applicable to real-world job opportunities.

Students in the Pierce College Theatre program collaborate with other classes across the Theatre curriculum. Students in the acting classes act in the digital videos produced by the digital film making classes. Digital film production/technical theatre students serve as the production crews for these same films. Students in English write film scripts to be used for the digital films. Film subject matter includes all campus and community life, from dental hygiene to oceanography, from Pierce College basketball to early childhood education. Films that focus on community needs and community awareness are particularly encouraged. Digital film production at Pierce
College Theatre is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with fellow theatre/film students, other departments and programs, the campus community, and the greater Pierce County area.

The Theatre/Digital Film curriculum is designed to give majors a thorough exposure to all aspects of the theatre arts and digital video. Each student works closely with faculty to plan course work that will transfer to a four-year college. Transfer students from the Theatre/Digital Film program do well in a university setting because of the broad general education they receive at Pierce College. Therefore, it is the philosophy of this department to offer a sequential program in which the student can emphasize "backstage” as well as “on stage” with the integration of a digital video experience.

School name:Pierce CollegeTheatre/Digital Film Department
Address:9401 Farwest Drive SW
Zip & city:WA 98498 Washington
Phone:(253) 964-6500

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