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University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA Extension Entertainment Studies and Performaning Arts)

One of the nation's largest and most comprehensive institutions of continuing higher education, UCLA Extension has served students in Southern California since 1917. Our courses are open to all adult learners, regardless of previous levels of study. Each year, Extension offers 4,500 courses, linking 65,000 adults of diverse backgrounds to enhanced career, academic, and personal growth opportunities through lifelong learning.

UCLA Extension's Department of Entertainment Studies and Performing Arts is an internationally acclaimed program, providing practical training and instruction in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Students can enroll in individual courses to sharpen specific skills or pursue a comprehensive program certificate. Our courses directly address the competitive demands of today's industry and prepare professionals with a broad, in-depth background. Students actively participate in a supportive, professional environment, taught by leading experts and artists currently working in Hollywood.

On behalf of the Entertainment Studies and Performing Arts Department, we welcome you to our community. As you probably know, the entertainment industry is changing dramatically. Digital technology and globalization have morphed the entertainment environment into an artistic and business landscape where culture transcends national borders and linguistic boundaries, where audiences are fragmenting, and media platforms are emerging and converging. Living in such a rapidly evolving world, one can see revolution and renaissance.

Whatever your outlook on the entertainment business today, we believe a few old adages still hold true: knowledge is power, passion is a prerequisite, persistence pays off, and often it's who you know that counts. So whether you are adopting early or still suffering from "future shock," if you want to be ahead of the curve, the Entertainment Studies and Performing Arts Department can help you get there. Our mission is to bring people together in a safe and creative learning environment. By offering a state-of-the-art, professional education program, we provide you with the knowledge and networking opportunities to transform yourself, your career, the industry, and maybe our world. Join our community and let us support you in your efforts to succeed in the new entertainment economy.

School name:University of California - Los AngelesUCLA Extension Entertainment Studies and Performaning Arts
Address:10995 Le Conte Avenue, Room 437
Zip & city:CA 90024-1333 California
Phone:(310) 825-9064

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UCLA Extension Entertainment Studies and Performaning Arts Film School Location

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