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University of Texas at Arlington (UTA Department of Art and Art History(Film/Video/Screenwriting))

The Department of Art and Art History at UTA has an excellent reputation for grooming young filmmakers, successfully preparing them for the creative challenges and emotional rigors of the motion picture industry. This success has not come by luck or chance, but is the result of the deliberate execution of a well-designed, three-tiered program consisting of an introductory level to lay a foundation, an intermediate level to hone skills, and an advanced level to produce high quality portfolio work.

The placement of Film/Video in UTA’s Department of Art and Art History says much about our approach. In many university film programs, including those at the prestigious “film schools,” students receive heavy doses of theory, history, and analysis, but very little hands on training. In fact, it is common for students to graduate from these programs with a degree in film, never having made a single movie. At UTA, our program is designed around a simple premise: the best way to learn how to make movies is to make movies. Treating film and video as a studio art program ensures that students will receive a balanced dose of practical application with their theoretical appreciation.

This process begins in Introduction to Film/Video, where students develop basic skill sets by planning, shooting, and editing their own short video works on digital video. They are exposed to the craft and technology of filmmaking in an environment that takes all the theory, history, and analysis and makes it real.

At this fundamental level, students also study Introduction to Screenwriting where they develop an appreciation for, and proficiency in, the art of film and video storytelling. Students learn to effectively express their ideas through industry standard script formats using descriptive action and dialog to convey complex, multi-layered themes and storylines while permeating their work with conflict, the very life-blood of story. Advanced Screenwriting continues this study into longer, more sophisticated work.

School name:University of Texas at ArlingtonUTA Department of Art and Art History(Film/Video/Screenwriting)
Address:Main Office in Fine Arts Building, Room 335, 502 South Cooper St.
Zip & city:TX 76019 Texas
Phone:(817) 272-2891

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UTA Department of Art and Art History(Film/Video/Screenwriting) Film School Location

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