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How to choose a Film School

How to choose a Film School

It exists a wide variety of programs to study cinema, these depend of whether you choose a traditional bachelor or a master program. It is necessary to have very clear the goals that are wanted to achieve as well as what it is expected from a film school; the most important aspects that you must to consider when choosing a film school are the following:
  • The Industry Exposure, which is a very special and important aspect because it is necessary to obtain all the possible experience during the years of school, and it is also beneficial when obtaining a employment to have some source of contacts, because it could be helpful to this purpose.

  • The part of film making you want to work in is maybe the first topic to decide, to choose between making independent or commercial cinema; fortunately after taking a look to our directory you will notice that are very good schools for both styles and all of them have strengths for your education. When choosing a film school you must decide on studying Animation Movies, Production, Post-Production, Sound, Directing etc.

  • Faculty, try to verify their experience, the years that they have worked making movies or if they are still working, because they play a role of paramount importance when giving advice to their students as well as when practicing what they teach in class.

  • Training Procedure, try to be cautious when examining the film school training procedures, it is necessary to give preference to schools that possess practical study plans.

  • Location, the first city that comes to mind when thinking where to study cinema is Hollywood, maybe Canada or Vancouver obviously; The fact is that exists a countless number of film schools, even exists schools which offers online service.

  • The cost influence maybe by 50 percent in your decision about choosing the right school, it is advisable to look for a school that offers a good formation for a not very high price. In spite of being a very high cost career, in general, it is still possible to find schools of international level to a relatively cheap price.

  • The duration of the program; it exist schools that offer an education specially made to insert their students as quick as possible with programs of short time, as well as exists schools with more dedicated programs which also offer a formation in liberal arts.

  • The infrastructure; it is a lot helpful to choose a film school that has the necessary means to be fully developed, such as studios, preview centers and post production labs; as well as necessary equipment for filming; you should consider that all these tools facilitate your learning.