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Film awards

Film awards

Film awards recognize achievements in cinema, they are usually granted a lot, and many of them are simply identified by the name of the institution that grants it. Here we have a list the main awards:
  • Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars
  • Golden Globe Awards
  • Felix Awards (European Film Awards)
  • Goya Awards (Spain)
  • Cesar Awards (France)
  • David di Donatello Awards (Italy)
  • Ariel Awards (Mexico)
  • Cannes Film Festival (France)
  • San Sebastian Film Festival (Spain)
  • Berlin International Film Festival (Germany)
  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Czech Republic)

Academy awards ("The Oscar")

They are the film awards that generate the biggest interest worldwide, its main headquarter is located in Beverly Hills, California (USA), it was celebrated for the first time on May 16, in the year 1929 in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

The statuette that is given to the winners represents an armed gentleman with a sword that awaits over a roll of movie with five radios. Each radio symbolizes one of the five original Academy awards: actors, scriptwriters, directors, producers and technicians.

The whole academy participates in the voting, the nominated in each category are as maximum five candidates. The whole academy votes secretly in order to choose the winner in each category, and the results become public in a formal ceremony each spring. They are given awards in the following categories: best movie, best Picture, best Director, best Actor, best Actress, best Supporting Actor, best Supporting Actress, best Original Screenplay, best Adapted Screenplay, best Sound Editing, best Visual Effects, best Original Musical, best Cinematography, best Costume Design, etc.