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Film crew

Film crew

It is called that way the group of people which they have been hired for a film company to produce a movie. This team doesn't work with the group of actors neither with the production group. This team is usually divided with the purpose of performing in a better way the film production job and every of them are specialized in a specific production task.


It is usually not considered as a department, it is in charge of the organizational and technical aspects such as the hire of personnel, the financing of jobs and the contact of distributors for the diffusion of the film. A producer is responsible of technical, legal and commercial aspects. The following are part of the production area:

  • Producer.- Is the owner of the movie. The businessman. The person who assumes the risk economic. Puts the money or seeks the financing and responds to return it.
  • Production Manager.- It is also known as operations management, it is the person who is under the control of the industrial processes. It assures that the goods and services were produced efficiently in terms of quality, quantity, cost, time and to the satisfaction of the client.
  • Director. - It is the person who directs the filmmaking, visualizes the script, controls the artistic and dramatic aspects of a movie; it guides the technical team and actors so that he is able to tangibilize his vision. It is the responsible of creative aspects of a movie; it selects the filming scenes managing the technical details such as the positioning of the cameras, the soundtrack, etc.
  • Script Supervisor.- It is responsible of the interior continuity of a movie.
  • Unit Manager.
  • Production Coordinator.
  • Post-production supervisor.
  • First Assistant Director.
  • Second Assistant Director.
  • Production Assistant.
  • Production Accountant.
  • Location Manager.

Art Department

It is the biggest section of the production; it incorporates design, construction, props, special effects and computer imagery. This type of departments can be formed by 10 people in low budget movies or can be formed by more than 100 people in big movie, this because there is a great diversity of works in this division. The department head is the production designer, the person responsible of the physical and visual appearance of the film.
  • Art. - It is formed by people that design the sets and creates the graphic art.
    • Art Director.
    • Set Designer.
    • Assistant art director.
  • Sets.
    • Set Decorator.
    • Buyer.
    • Lead Man.
    • Set Dresser.
  • Props.
    • Propsmaster.
    • Props builder.
    • Armourer.
  • Construction.
    • Construction Coordinator.
    • Head Carpenter.
  • Scenic.
    • Key Scenic.
  • Greens.
    • Greensman.

Hair and make-up

  • Make-up Artist.
  • Hairdresser.


  • Costume Designer.
  • Costume Supervisor.
  • Costume Standby.
  • Art Finisher.
  • Buyer.


  • Director of Photography.- It is the boss of the team and is responsible to create the images; It is intimately related with the make-up teams, wardrobe and art. The photography has to express ideas, this way of expressing those ideas, feelings and emotions are related with the visual perception psychology and intuition.
  • Cinematographer. - It is usually synonymous of director of photography, but this relationship is only applied when the director of photography and the camera operator are the same person.
  • Camera Operator. - The camera operator uses the camera in order to accept the instructions of the cinematographer and the director of photography. Its main objective is to capture the scenes in a movie.
  • Loader. - The loader is the person who designs the film loader. It is responsibility to manage the inventory of the movie.
  • First Assistant Camera Operator. (Focus Puller)
  • Second Assistant Camera Operator. (Clapper Loader)
  • Camera Production Assistant.(camera intern)
  • Digital Imaging Technician. ("DIT")
  • Steadicam operator.
  • Motion Control Technician/Operator.

Production Sound

  • Production Sound Mixer. - The production sound mixer is head of the sound department on set. It is the person responsible of the sound along the filming process.
  • Boom Operator. - It acts as an assistant to the production sound mixer. It is the person responsible of placing and transferring of microphones during the process of filming. In France, this person is called perchman.
  • Utility Sound Technician.


A grip is a person who usually works on a film set maintaining and operating production equipment. They used to work closely with the electrical department and they are responsible of transferring and adjusting major set pieces.
  • Key grip. - The chief grip on a set.
  • Best boy. - The chief assistant.
  • Dolly grip.


  • Gaffer. - The head of the electrical department.
  • Best boy. - The chief assistant.
  • Lighting Technician.


  • Film Editor. - It is the person that works in the assembly area, it is the person in charge of assembling the film with the help of digital video editors.
  • Chyron Operator. - It is the person who creates titles or text graphics.
  • Colorist.
  • Negative Cutter.

Visual Effects

  • Visual Effects Supervisor.- The head of the visual effects department.
  • Compositor. - It is the person who is responsible for the visual effects using different sources such as video, film, computers, etc.
  • Inferno, Flame. - The person who operates an Inferno or Flame visual effects system.
  • Roto, paint.


  • Sound Designer. - It is that professional who is able to determine the group of melodies and sounds that will accompany a film. The sound designer's job is present during all the stages of production.
  • Dialogue Editor.
  • Sound Editor.
  • Re-recording Mixer.
  • Music Supervisor.
  • Composer.
  • Foley Artist.


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