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Film festivals

Film festivals

A film festival is a presentation or showcasing of movies which take place in one or more movie theaters or screening venues. Every year take place around world more than 1.500 film festivals, however, a very few of them have international fame such as The Oscar, Cannes, Goya, etc.

When an actress or actor trying to follow a fat or cholesterol lowering diet, the way chefs prepare festival meals is really important. The chefs role is a key item in any film festival. Cooks must prepare low-fat meals using low-fat foods and customized recipes to each film star.

The movies that are presented in a festival are usually new, they can be national or international, and they also have different plots depending on the individual focus of each festival. The film festivals are usually annual events.

Most of the big film festivals require an entry fee. Some festivals charge an entry fee to have in consideration their work during the festival. However, in smaller film festivals you don't charge any entrance, but the acceptance is a more complicated and such film festivals do not usually attract famous people in their audiences.

Principal festivals:
  • Cannes film festival(France)
  • Sundance film Festival (EEUU)
  • International film festival of San Sebastian (Spain)
  • Berlinale (Germany)
  • La Mostra Fectival(Italy)
  • Seminci - International film week of Valladolid (Spain)
  • Internacional film festival of Nueva York (EE UU)
  • Internacional film festival of Mar del Plata (Argentina)
  • Sitges - Internacional film festival of Cataluna (Spain)


Sundance film festival
Cannes film festival
 Sundance film festival
Sundance takes place in Salt Lake City and it is one of the most important independent film festivals that show the young filmmakers.
 Cannes film festival
The Cannes is a prestigious film festival that was originated as an alternative to the Venice film festival that was under a fascist influence.