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Film studios

Film studios

A film Studio is a place in which a movie is made; it can be interior (sound stage), external (backlot) or both. It is usually confused with the term "major film production company", however, in the United States and many other countries around the world most of these production companies have never possessed their own studios because they usually rent them.

The first Film Studies was the Black Maria, it was founded in the USA, in the year 1893 by Thomas Edison, and subsequently they were built other companies in New Jersey, New York City and Chicago. To the beginning of the 20 century, many of these companies moved to Los Angeles and California, due to the favourable weather and longest days.
  • Major film studios.

    A big film studio is a production and distribution company of films. These companies release a considerable number of films periodically.

    • The Big 5.- At the beginning of the 20 century several american film production companies evolved, these companies had a very considerable fortune and they had their own film studios, distribution divisions, theaters as well as lots of employees working on film productions (actors, directors, etc.). These 5 big companies were named the "Big Five", the "majors", or "the Studios", they were: 20th Century-Fox, MGM, Paramount, RKO, and Warner Bros.

    • The Little 3.- It was a small group of companies that didn't have as much economic power as the big 5, they were: Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and United Artists.

    Nowadays, among the most important film studios are: Sony, News Corporation, The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner, Viacom, General Electric, Lions Gate Entertainment, etc.

  • Minor film studios.

    The minor film studios operated simultaneously to the big studios. These studios are dedicated to the B-movies production mostly.

    • Republic Pictures.- It is also called "Republic Entertainment, Inc"., it works since 1935 and occasionally produces movies of great quality. It is an independent film, television, and video distribution company. It is specialized in the realization of quality B pictures, westerns and movie serials.

    • Monogram Pictures.- It was a study Hollywood that produced and released very low budget films between the 1931 and 1953.

    • PRC.- It operated between the years 1930 and 1940. It was dedicated to the production of small-budget B-movies which were made with a very low budget.

    • Grand National.

  • Independent film studios.

    These film studios work in "opposition" to the big commercial film studios. While the most important commercial film industries are in Hollywood, many important independent studios are in New York City. The following studios are considered the most prevalent of the independent studios most of them produce movies in different languages.

    • Lions Gate Films
    • Fox Searchlight Pictures
    • Sony Pictures Classics
    • Warner Independent Pictures
    • Miramax Films
    • Troma Entertainment
    • United Artists
    • Paramount Classics
    • Magnolia Pictures
    • Newmarket Films
    • Dimension Films