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Film industry salaries

Film industry Salaries

There is a huge competition in this industry and takes a lot time and effort to be able reach success as a producer, actor or director. However it exist a great job demand due to the great quantity of jobs offered by the big film companies. In this industry you can work in a office or outdoors and the salaries vary according to the kind of work, experience and many other factors.

The film industry has grown more than 15% in these last years and it has had an average of more than 150,000 duty stations for actors, directors and producers. This situation doesn't show any signs of changing in the coming years in spite of the annual ascents and slopes of the number of assistants to movie theaters; The low prices of movie tickets have always injured its economy as well as the quick commercialization on video and DVD.

Predicting the salary you want to earn before beginning some film careers is a difficult task due to the great number of factors involved, such as the job title, the projects you will be involved, etc. in addition, the salary can also depend on the fame you achieved. Nevertheless, you should not enter to this industry due to the high salaries it offers. You must choose some career related to the movies because of the satisfaction it offers.

Here we have a list of film salary comparison:
  • Theatre Producer: Average salary $38,030 - $56,960/year
  • Technical Director/Manager: Average salary $57,160/year
  • Directors, Stage, Motion Pictures, Television, and Radio: Average salary $57,160/year
  • Set Designer: Average salary $32,230 - $42,460/year
  • Actor: Average salary $36,790/ year
  • Film Editor : Average salary $36,630 - $57,720/year
  • Managers: $44.64/ day
  • Camera operators: $22.38/ day
  • Sales reps: $20.12/ day
  • Editors: $19.92/ day
  • A/V equipment techs: $16.03/ day