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Film Job profiles

Film Job profiles

There are hundreds of jobs offered all around the world due to the great complexity that requires to development a film project; these duty stations require specific abilities and capacities.

In order to reduce this complexity, people are group together in hierarchies and departments which have different responsibilities and objectives along the different development stages of a movie.

Any student or person who wants to enter to the film world should respond itself before beginning studying what part of this development he would like to work in, or what occupation he would like to have.

To help to dissipate this doubt we can divide the necessary team to produce a movie in the following way:
  • Development.-In this stage the movie is conceived, it means that, the original idea is born and the argument is written. In this stage the financing is gotten.

  • Production.-It constitutes the process in which each scene of the movie is filmed. In this process intervene a group of specialist such as the property master, script supervisor, assistant directors, stills photographer, picture editor, and sound editors.

  • Post Production.-In this stage all the scenes are edited and put together with the purpose of making the final product. It is made on a laboratory with technical intervention. The production director includes stages such as scene edition, sound edition and adds special effects.

  • Distribution.-The distribution consists on selling the complete product to the public, in general either by means of movie theaters or distribution companies.

  • Exhibition.-In this stage the public in general goes to the movie theater to appreciate the movie.

  • Managers.- Help to aid and make key film managerial planning and commercial decision-making arrangements. In this fact, we recommend you make your own resume. For starters, you can use a readymade and professionally designed manager resume examples to write up your very own expertly written executive or managerial curriculum vitae.