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Film Job Search

Film Job Search

Getting ready to conduct a film job search? There are many ways to find jobs in the film industry and the search can get overwhelming. A few tips and information on where to look will take you far. Conducting a search of careers in film will give job seekers many options.

The Hunt for Film Jobs: Where to Look

To know what it takes to make it in the film industry, all that is needed is to do a little research. To find film jobs and information about obtaining work in film, check out Film Jobs at Job candidates can gain much information about where to search for jobs in the film industry. This website allows an easy search for jobs by state, by city, or by specialty. The Film Jobs website makes the hunt for a career in this field easier with so many options to choose from to start searching. Not only does the site offer film job search options, it also gives information on what a person needs for a job in the film trade. Film Jobs offers information about film schools, gives resume examples and tips on writing a CV, it provides job seekers with tips for a successful interview, and also gives information on the degrees available or needful in this industry as well as salary exploration.

Know About Film Jobs

Conducting a simple search will pull up many film jobs. Some sites will focus primarily on careers in the film industry and others are general job search boards that find jobs in any field. For a more thorough approach, use film industry specific job search sites like These are established specifically for these types of work and will tend to give more helpful information, like the example above that offers other helpful links and information for those entering the film business. The general big name sites such as Simply Hired are good for job searches because many companies team up with them and pay to place their jobs on them. They usually include access to applying for the jobs directly on the job board site.

Freelance Work

If having a schedule of work that fluctuates and being able to pick up different projects that peak interest is more suitable, then freelance employment may be the best route. There are many resources available for a freelance job in the film business. Again conducting a search will not only show sites that allow job seekers to look for freelance opportunities, but also other sources of help such as how to survive with this type of employment and other useful tips.

A notable website to use is Freelancemania, a marketplace for film employers and professionals. This site is not specifically catered to film jobs, but is open for any career placement type. For employers, the site allows them to post job opportunities and find people that are looking for jobs. Employers can find qualified workers by field and then go on to specify what area in a particular discipline. The professionals are listed by location, so an employer can search in a particular locale. The professionals section is for the job seekers and allows them to build a profile to market themselves and their abilities as well as conduct job searches. They can place bids on projects posted by employers and basically name their price for a specific project assignment.

Whether looking for a long term career or just wanting to pick projects based on convenience and availability, a search of film industry jobs will assist job seekers and alleviate some of the stress of trying to find job placement.