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Film Directing

Film Directing

The program is focused on the narrative of directing a film as well as in its writing, performance and direction. The program emphasizes the artistic and intellectual intrepidity and motivates students to use the maximum of its abilities. Their intention is train its students so that they can become film directors able to express their own film language.

This program provides its students an accustomed understanding of the process of all the facets of a film production, from the writing to its exhibition in the film screen, being focused in the narrative, visual language, performance, etc. This program offers:
  • A practical formation based on experimental work.

  • A permanent acquisition of knowledge on photographs, script, production, etc.

  • An integral education to their students able to register and tell their own histories starting from the reflections about their own environment.
Students learn how to collaborate with screenwriters and producers; they work with professional actors and incorporate their own visions to the visions of cinematographers, production designers and editors in all the projects they participate. In their years of study, it is given to each student the opportunity of developing their critical and independent strengths.