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Film Editing

Film editing

The edition of movies is a job that improves different aspects of a film, it makes a drama more intense and an action movie more exciting, it makes a comedy funnier and improves the performance of actors in such way that spectators don't even notice this job.

The edition can also compress or extend the duration of a movie, it is a very important career because a film editor helps to the narration of the history, but in spite of this, his importance is many times ignored by several people. The programs are designed around technical, aesthetic and collaborative post-production aspects with a primary focus in narration.

During the program, students become experts in the use of technology and edition software, because they familiarize during several hours by handling edition equipment. They also learn how to use their critical thought and they learn how filmmakers contribute to the film creation process.

The program is designed for those who are interested in the technical aspects of filmmaking. The film editors are an integral part of the success of a film as are the actors, directors and screenwriters. Along the program, students also collaborate with other members of their team in such way that learn how to work as assisting editors, editors and Post-production producers.

Edition not just consists on the process of chaining the shots of a camera, it also includes other responsibilities like the addition of sound in the process of the filmmaking.


Film and video editing
Film editing software
 Film and video editing
It is the process to manipulate and modify video images to create a succession and connection of sequences and form a movie.
 Film editing software
Film editing software is a main tool to manage the edition of video segments digitally and nowadays there are lots of them.