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The workshops that are developed in the program offer to students a formation as cinematic storytellers through a critical education imparted in the program, the analysis of their works and the coexistence with their partners. The program is focused in the narrative storytelling and is developed in an atmosphere which is designed to simulate the screenwriter professional world; it also teaches students to work as a part of a creative team. Nowadays these professionals are as important as film director.

The success in this career depends on the discipline, perseverance and the training given by each student, one of the most difficult aspects is beginning the program. The screenwriting program offers the students the opportunity of learning the necessary skills through workshops specially designed to build its writing abilities as well as the form knowledge and the screenplay structure. The students develop abilities in creation and analysis of their scripts.

The first years of the program are used to familiarize students and the production process. Students write short screenplays and collaborate with their production and direction partners in order to be able to materialize their ideas. The students develop material for movies, television, spec scripts for sitcoms, dramas and even write for theatrical movies. They also have the opportunity to work closely with students of other disciplines during these years. When completing the program, they have a comprehensive grounding in theme, story, dialogue, action, character, visuals, etc.

The Program is designed for people who aspire to become in a creative writer and for people who are interested in writing histories for movies. The students learn how to create, write, re-write, analyze and criticize their own writings during each workshop imparted in the program. The program is also ideal for screenwriters that look for opportunities to present their draft screenplays for critic in a supportive workshop environment.