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Film Sound design

Film sound design

Sound designer is the person who practices the art of the sound, this it is a creative, technician and conceptual theme. Sound designers work specifically with dialogue, sound effects, foley, and their job covers all the non-compositional elements of a movie, a play, a musical performance or a recording, computer games or any other multimedia project.

In the filmmaking, a sound designer is a film crew member, and he is responsible of all the aspects of the movie soundtrack. The job of a sound designer is carried out parallelly to the job of the sound edition supervisor or sound supervisor.

The demand of soundtracks more and more sophisticated inside and outside of Hollywood, force sound supervisor editors to become the head of the sound department. He works with a team formed by dozens of sound editors in order to make a complete sound job. It also demands to sound designers to be more creative.

Principal Characteristics:
  • In the context of a comprehensive art and design college setting, students explore sound for moving pictures, music production and sound art.
  • The program models the tools and work flow used in commercial media production.
  • Field equipment includes digital field recorders, field microphones, and a professionally equipped location sound cart for film production.
  • Sound design students may choose electives in animation, broadcast design and motion graphics, visual effects, interactive design and game development and other areas.


What is sound
Film sound
 What is sound?
The sound is something vibrating caused by moves from a side to other, in a regular or aleatory way. It can be pleasant or annoying.
 Film sound
The sound and image go together. Film sound is composed by sound designer, sound editor, composer of music and sound effects.