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Films by type

Films by type

Anthology films

They are also called "omnibus film" or "portmanteau film". They are composed by a serie of short movies those which are related because they have the same topic or a similar one.

Black and white films

Those movies are presented entirely in black and white colors.

Direct-to-video films

This type of film were firstly released on home video and later they were released in theatres and the television.

Expressionist film

These films have an expressionist theme.

Fan films

A fan film is a film or video inspired by a film, television program, comic book or a similar source, which have been created by fans rather than by the source's copyright holders or creators. They have usually been created by amateurs, as a film school class projects or as demonstration reels.

Feature film

This term is used to refer to a film initially made for distribution in theaters.

Fictional film

It is also called narrative film; it is film that tells a fictional story or narrative.

Independent films

They are usually produced by small production companies, with personal not affiliated to a syndicate and with a very low budget. In this type of films the director has a preponderant paper.

Internet films

One of the newest trends on the Internet is to create and watch your own films. With programs like Windows movie maker and many other similar programs (that can often be downloaded for free on the Internet) anyone with a digital camera or a web cam can get started. Kids and adults alike can ave a lot of fun writing and recording their own small films. Filming family parties and special occasions like birthday parties, wedding parties and family get togethers.

Music videos

It is a visual exhibition of a song. It is normally a short art video, it made for its exhibition in video and television, they are used mainly as marketing techniques and have the intention of promoting the sale of musical songs.

Public domain films

Films are said to be in the public domain because they were never properly copyrighted in the first place or were not renewed as required by law. Many of these films are available online and can be downloaded; some are available for sale, but because copyright no longer holds, performance and other rights may be more freely available than with copyright films.

Self-reflexive films

They are films about the creation of themselves.

Film serials

Serial Films are known as Movie serials or Film serials, were short subjects originally shown in theaters in conjunction with a feature film. Known as "chapter plays," they were extended motion pictures broken into a number of segments called "chapters" or "episodes." often episodic in form (usually with 12-15 parts) and simplistic in plot that was shown over a period of weeks or years. The multi-part films consisted of episodes that could be anywhere between fifteen and twenty minutes in length. Serials would usually include attractive heroines, action heroes, and villains (the Scorpion, the Dragon, and the Spider, to name a few) in melodramatic sequences that often ended with a suspenseful (and manipulative) cliffhanger ending - that promised to be continued the next week to bring the ticket-buying audience back for more.

Short films

A short Film is an audiovisual or film production, its duration time substantially less than the medium time of a movie of normal production. A possible classification for time would be able to be done in this way: The duration of the short films goes since less than one minute to the 30 minutes. The movies between 30 and 60 minutes long are medium-length films. From an hour of duration is considered them feature films.
In this films, usually acting as a platform for aspirant Hollywood directors. Elsewhere, short films tend to work as showcases for cinematographers and commercial directors.

Silent films

This type of movies doesn't have any spoken dialogue neither synchronized sound.

Television films

A television film is also called TV film, TV movie, feature-length drama, original movie, made-for-TV movie, single drama, telemovie, or telefilm, it is produced for and originally distributed by a television network.