Special effects (FX)

Special effects (FX)
  • 3-D film for movie history or S3D film is a motion picture that enhances the illusion of depth perception for the audience, where a film camera system will record the images from two perspectives.

  • 3-D computer graphics are be part of FX to create three-dimensional representations of geometric data, and generally used to display computer animation.

  • Bluescreen/Chroma key is a technique to combining two images together. Usually a blue or green background appears behind the subject, it is used for weather forecast broadcasts.

  • Bullet time is refers to a digitally-enhanced simulation of variable speed photography, slow enough to show normally events such as flying bullets.

  • Computer-generated imagery or CGI response to the application of the field of computer graphics.

  • Digital compositing assembles multiple images to make a final image, typical for print motion pictures.

  • Optical effects are the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images to create the illusion of all elements are part of the same scene.

  • Stereoscopy for 3D technical details is also called 3-D imaging that creates the illusion of depth on an image of two offset images.

  • Stop trick occurs when an object is filmed, then while the camera is off, the object is moved out of sight of the camera.

  • Stop motion is also known as stop action which make a physically manipulated object to appear to move in its own.