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Introduction to Film Art

Introduction to Film Art

The cinematography etymologically means "movement" because it comes from the greek "kine" (movement) and "grafos" (write or capture). In this art, individual images called photograms are presented by means of a technique that consists on projecting them in a quick and successive way in order to produce a movement illusion.

It was originated in France in the XIX century, when the brothers Lumiere filmed the exit of some workers from a factory. It is produced by recording images of the world we live; however, today is also possible to make it with computers help by means of the using animation techniques or special effects.

Film creations are considered manifestations of the seventh art and they are a powerful entertainment source that has become an important industry in places like Hollywood and Bombay and at the same time, shows experiences and histories that allow us to meditate on our essence as human beings.

These pieces of art tend to reflect and culturally affect the regions in which they were created to the point becoming a method to educate and indoctrinate their citizens as well as those who enjoy their content all around the world by means of dubbing, or placing text on their dialogues.