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It is a process in which the producer is linked to different technical departments; here, essentially the movie is assembled; to do this exists two variants of the workflow, one uses the movie completely and the other one uses a mixture of movie and video.

The original movie, the negative, is firstly copied to a one-light workprint, and later is edited with a correction machine; this can also be edited with a computerized software edition. A timecode or border code is recorded in the video tape to locate marks position on the frameworks of the picture. The sound and the video are also synchronized during this process.

The film editor builds a "rough cut" taking sequences or scenes based on singular shots having as purpose to select and order the best takings, then, he creates a "fine cut" getting the whole taking which makes flow the history easily. In this process you can cut scenes of some minutes, seconds, or even each frame.

Once the "fine cut" is accepted by the movie director and movie producer, the taking is closed; this means that no significant change can be made. Then the film is transferred to the sound department for its edition as well as begins the building of the soundtrack.