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Script development

Script development

In this stage the main idea incarnates a viable history which can become a movie, this idea can be picked up from books, literature, true histories from real life and inclusive from other movies. Once is established the main topic of the movie, it is prepared a synopsis.

After this comes a process called "step outline" which divides the history in scenes but tries to conserve its dramatic structure. In this process 25 or 30 pages are written in which is described the history, characters, dialogues and also often contain drawings which help to visualize the main scenes of the movie.

Subsequently a film distributor is hired in order to evaluate the possible market to which one they can sell the movie, at the same time it evaluates their financial success. To do this job they usually consider factors such as film gender, historical success of similar movies, actors that can play it as well as directors that can direct it.

These factors are thought in the attraction that can cause the movie to a certain popular segment as well as the possible number of assistants during its presentations. Profits are rarely earned exclusively from their theatrical exhibition, for this reason they need to consider DVD sales and the rights for its worldwide commercial distribution.

The movie is presented to its potential financiers, at the same way its launching is prepared, if it is successful "green light" is given to the movie; Consequently the financier offers its support and they negotiate a treatment, finally they sign the final contracts.