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Independent film

Independent film

Movies produced with a low budget in small company productions are denominated this way. They constitute a constant effort to breakaway of the film industry and are usually made with the participation of personal not affiliated to a syndicate.

Independent movies doesn't have either the participation of famous directors or actors, and don't spend important amounts of money in special effects, localizations, digital postproductions, etc. This kind of film is focused in counting real histories which are closer to the public.

It was originated after the "Great Depression" the United States which affected the concurrence to the movie theaters; they proposed a way to complete their programs. Being born in this manner the B class movies, made with very low budgets, with a brief time of filming and not very well known actors. Their production also meant a smaller investment that allowed to directors and producers to experience take risks and be fearless to innovate in aspects that were impossible to develop, from strictly stylistic subjects to the development of diverse forbidden topics or considered as a "taboo".

At this time, exist many countries which don't have a strong film industry, and for this reason all its production can be considered independent, in the same way, the new generation digital cameras has contributed to its realization, therefore, to be popularized worldwide. Europe is the continent more involved in this kind of movies.


  • It doesn't exist a general frame, because there is no rule to determine which movie is independent and which isn't independent.

  • Author's movies, the director plays a preponderant role and it almost always uses its own scripts and takes charge of other aspects like sound and photography allowing him to express creatively and to capture its feelings and restlessness.

  • Thematic, it faces a series of topics that conventional films don't take in consideration such as prostitution, drugs, homosexuality, the family decadence, etc.

  • Financing, the independent film directors consider that, the more relationship with a study, the smaller independence, for this reason, its filming doesn't fall inside the rigid schemes of the big film studies.

  • Aesthetics, it includes different formats and ideas, they use different techniques such as black and white, shiny colours, etc.

  • Beyond these characteristics, an independent film director should possess an own artistic vision that takes him to be free in the creative process.


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