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Open source film

Open source film

These movies are similar to independent movies, they are not develop at all on big studios and their source material are available under any licenses which permit to modify them or derivative new creations from them; those movies are usually made by using an open source software, methodologies and material which doesn't have any proprietary licences.

However, the technology required to produce this movies always has been a limiting factor, but nowadays this situation has changed because the internet has facilitated its diffusion making them available online several films. The increased interest in adapting open source methodologies for filmmaking is also in constant growth.


There isn't exists an accepted and concrete definition of these movies, nevertheless, these are some characteristics that an Open source film should complete:
  • The production of these films usually uses open source software such as Linux, CinePaint, Blender, and Celtx.

  • The used material to create them should allow other people to create fan fiction or similar derivative Works as well as it should be open content for people in general.

  • These movies must have free license content.

Digital video and releases of open source software has become easier the Open source filmmaking. Open-source filmmakers now can write, shoot and edit their own films in their houses. They also publish their jobs on the internet as well as they exhibit them in festivals to get their films noticed and sold under free content licenses.