Film theory

Film theory

Film theory is everything we think and talk about films. As every theory it has been created in the course of its history, in this case, with more than a hundred years of life, it has been feed by several opinions, theories and movements that step by step have built a consistent theoretical frame.

Its objective is to contribute the critical film discussion he/she by means of revision of study methods of the most representative investigators of the theory and film analysis. The film theory is integrated by several elements such as literary narrative theories, philosophy, the theater, photography, painting, architecture, technology, etc.

It is necessary to indicate that the film analysis as well as the History of Film are supported necessarily in the existence of the film files, without them it would be impossible the existence of the history, theory and film analysis.

It appeared in the year 1896, approximately, in France. Nowadays it has been included as an obligatory matter in the elementary education in some countries (France for example). The Italian futurist Ricciotto Canudo is considered to be the first true theorist of the cinema; he published "The Birth of the Seventh art" in 1911.

The classic film theory (1910-1970) was mainly interested in defining the crucial elements of the medium. Later, in the years 60 and 70, the film theory placed its residence in the academic world, it imported concepts from established disciplines such as psychoanalysis, anthropology, literary theory and linguistic. During the years ninety, the digital revolution of the image technologies has had an impact in the film theory in several ways.