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Why a film school?

Why  a film  school

Movies are the unique art that was born from technology, in its beginnings it was projected on a savanna into a dark room but nowadays it leaves us amazed when we watch a film on a movie theater. It is an industry and an art, a spectacle and a thought; it should be treated, studied and cultivated as the poetry, the literature or as an artistic language.

This audiovisual industry is at the present time an interesting and consolidated activity with an unbeatable future; furthermore has a professional scenario much more open than any other profession. It has a continuous activity because it registers very low indexes of unemployment and receives the support of the government in many countries. It is a creative and independent profession which enjoys a social recognition in all of their tied activities; among others of their advantages it has a strong creative autonomy.

A film school is an educational institution that is dedicated to the film instruction; it means that it covers aspects like movie making that includes film production, theory, and scriptwriting. Most of the film programs incorporate a technical training, such as learning the use of cameras, lights and other necessary instruments for the production of movies.

These schools offer to students an interdisciplinary program that is focused in the history, theory, critic of cinema, etc. they also include courses such as Anthropology, Sociology, the Comparative Literature, Art and History. Professionally, these programs are capable to educate students so that they can work in a variety of careers related to the film industry.

As every learning, teaching cinema needs experiences, affections, motivations and people who contaminate enthusiasm; this is achieved just attending to a specialized school, where is a lot easier to put the technology at the film message service, that technology has metamorphosed cinema, and has made unavoidable to know about philosophies, thoughts, histories, places, life styles and customs.